Backup Policy

  1. Overview

    This policy defines the backup policy for ARMS Go customer's database residing in Arms-Go server. The database is refering to the MYSQL DATABASE for the customers' system.

  2. Purpose

    These policies are designed to ensure that accidentally deleted data may be retrieved, if necessary, for a reasonable period of time and provide individuals with a clear time table concerning retention of their data. ARMS® recognizes that it is important for users to know that their data is restorable in the event of accidental or catastrophic data loss, but also that data is not being retained beyond a useful period of time.

  3. Definitions

    • Backups - The saving of data onto magnetic tape or other online storage media for the purpose of preventing loss of data in the event of equipment failure or destruction.
    • Restoration - The process of bringing off line storage data back from the offline media and putting it on an online storage system such as a data server.
  4. Backups

    Backup of MYSQL servers will occur every day after regular business hours. Daily backups - take place on a seven day rotation. The Daily backups are remotely backup again in another server. Daily backups will be retained for seven days, at which time the media will be recycled or destroyed.

    Backup of WEB servers will occur every day after regular business hours. Incremental backup - the WEB servers file are backup as incremental backup, everyday the old backup files will be overwritten with current files in production server.

  5. Restoration

    The backups are mainly for the purpose of disaster recovery. For user-requested restoration, the request must be made to ARMS Support in written form (email or fax). We do require fee to restore your backups. Large restores may involve a substantial amount of time, possibly several days, depending upon the speed of your network connection.